Morning + Night + Focus Boost

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Morning + Night + Focus Boost


Our newest bundle of our best sellers. 

Morning + Night + Focus Boost Bundle includes:

Morning Blend: Black sealable 
Focus Blend: Vacuum pack tin 2 oz container 
Night Blend: resealable bag of 2.3 oz 


  1. Morning "Koa" Tea - Organic heirloom black tea from Vietnam blended with rose petals, lemongrass, organic flavorings lending to a malty yet fruity tea jump starts your day. CAFFEINE LEVEL: HIGH,  NO SUGAR

STEEP: 3 min, 203 degrees

  1. Mid-Morning Focus Boost - "Asa"  Sugarbird Organic green tea matcha, slightly sweetened with cane sugar to provide just the right amount of boost to keep you focused, alert with calmness. CAFFEINE LEVEL: HIGH

STEEP: Whisk briskly or shake in shaker with hot water at 175 degrees.

  1. Night "Fiona" Tea - Organic rooibos blended with dried raspberries, vanilla, rose hips to ease the nerves, ease upset stomachs, loaded with antioxidants and vitamin c.  Naturally sweet tea makes for a nice alternative to sugary desserts we can crave in the afternoon.  Turn it into a faux raspberry souffle tea with a dap of vanilla almond milk.  CAFFEINE-FREE  *This tea makes an excellent ice tea for the evening. 

STEEP: 3-5 min, 195 degrees 

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